Bridges RV Storage

Storing valuable recreational vehicles Since

Fire Extinguishers and Door Locks

Sheltering Vehicles Since 1972

Bridges RV Storage provides safe storage for your trailer, boat, fifth-wheel, Motor-home, and ATV. All facilities are enclosed to protect your assets from the elements. Sunlight can’t degrade or bleach and weather cannot reach through our tough buildings. Our units prevent freezing in the winter and firewalls within our buildings protect units against fire damage.

Advanced Security Cameras

Video Surveillance

We run 24 hour camera surveillance to keep your recreational vehicles stored safely and securely at all times.

Main Gate Key Pad

Locked Down

Our facility is surounded by six strands of barbed wire topping a six foot chain fence. The only access point is a coded gate at the entrance, which requires a private code to enter. In addition, the property is brightly lit to deter would be thieves.